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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jet's & Sharks need not apply

It amazes me how some who proclaim mastery of indigenous bladed arts and their tactics proclaim other's as only making shit up, when in fact 90% of their contrived horse shit has never been tested outside the realm of compliance. If you've never pushed steel you should reserve judgement on others and hold your tongue.

Theory sells a product, reality saves lives. This is a fact that no one can refute but some try, especially those of the former. They have drank the fruit punch from their POOBAH and no matter what anyone else says they will never pull their tongues from the ass of the anointed one. The reason behind their lament is more akin to a Walter Mitty syndrome than anything else. They feel for some reason that being this bad man who thinks he can wield steel with a flash and pizzaz is somehow the answer to what ever it is that ails them. In fact they do nothing but promote the fact that their ineptness in life transfers over and shows as a huge weakness. On a side note, their chest thumping and proclamations on others lend creedance to the fact that they know very little about violence as it relates to reality. If I was a betting man I'd say the closest they have ever came to using a blade tactically and practically is buttering a piece of stubborn toast. And that goes for their POOBAH as well.


When seeking blade skills the old saying caveat emptor applies (buyer beware). I would also add, proceed with caution. Most who proclaim themselves the best due to their their youtube ratings soaring through the stratosphere will garner your attention. Do yourself a favor, treat them like a used car salesman trying to convince you that the flashy corvette in the corner is for you, when in fact it is nothing but a shiney over hyped piece of crap that will more than likely get you killed if you have to punch it. Like the salesman most of these prima donna instructors will do nothing but convince you that flash is tactical and that their way is the only thing that will save your life. They will demo it for you as well, in a nice comfortable environment where it all goes down smooth as wine. They will hard sell you until you buy their product, and like the corvette, if you ever have to punch it your gonna be on the stink end of the shit stick.

Do your homework people, there are people int his world who teach the blade from a very simple, practical platform, based on their experience in surviving steel and also pushing steel (word of advise, come correct in your approach and with your reasoning). Choose wisely, do you really need that flashy corvette or would a durable, practical truck work just as well and keep you a lot safer?

Always remember the knife is an ambush weapon, If you deliberately duel ( the 90% factor mentioned earlier) then you deserve what you get, your a dumb ass! If your forced to go knife on knife I hope you have practical skill sets, if not your chances of coming out of this in one piece is slim and none, and slim just blew town.


If he says he a master knife fighter, ASK TO SEE HIS SCARS! Nobodies that damn good, NOBODY!

If he beats the dead horse and claims he has had 200 street fights and never lost...Run, then laugh your ass off all the way to the car.

If he says he is a Special forces knife instructor ask him who, when , where? Ask for references. There is a difference between teaching SF units knife and teaching a guy who happens be in the Army.

If he says his system is so deadly it can't be topped, Turn and walk away, he is a quack!

In other words people..USE YOUR HEAD...This isn't X-BOX

JETS & SHARKS need not apply

If you get hit by flying steel I can assure you the last thing you will be screaming is MARIA..this isn't West Side Story!

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  1. You are right on the spot here, once again. As well reputed as I am and all my fights and several combat-related CQC experiences I have never came out uninjured to some degree unless it was a simpleton that challenged me and was easy to take down (happened many times). I carry a scar on top my head, bone compression in my shins, scarred knuckles, some scars have healed, some scars are within as I have been dealing (successfully) with PTSD and NO MATTER how BAD ASS you think that you are you may not be able to control everything that your brain filters during and after a conflict, especially if death and massive trauma resulted. Those that know don't yap about all they have experienced as it does very little for those that you are training or studying under unless there may be a technical aspect and then keep it brief.
    I have trained members on and off base from various Spec Ops groups...guess what...these guys are special for who they are...but they are not all superior-rated fighters as most rely on weapons and tactics that does not put them within CQC range..however when it happens they need to be readies for it and it isn't some fancy-looking/complex system they need...it must be kill or neutralize in seconds...no need to teach them screwy terminology, philosophy, much less the history of the fighting system..let the system speak for itself. Honestly, most Operators if they were in their civilian clothing hardly ever stand out in a crowd. They are not deluded with false ego, especially if they are tactically experienced, they know damn well to keep it real and it isn't something they would care to share with your average Joe. Beware of tall-tale, tough acting, macho men who wear military-like garb and act all secretive. I have met my fair share of these wanna-be's and they are never what they claim to be. Best listen to Blackgrave and other pragmatically minded Instructors. Jets and Sharks...and also Blusterous Whales...never cared for them- detest them-they waste their own life of falsities and other's time, money, and energy.